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Why You Should Use A Third-Party Media Player

Why This Is Important

If you are someone that watches a lot of downloaded videos or movies, you are most likely hindering yourself by using the built-in media player in Windows. In this article, I will explain why you should be using a better media player program. You could be experiencing unnecessary playback lag, low quality video or audio, and more. I always ask my clients an important question: why settle if you don't need to...?

Why You Should Consider A Third-Party Media Player

While Windows Media Player is built right in to Windows, it falls short in many instances. For example, did you know that Windows Media Player cannot play a majority of video file types/formats out there? Video files use technology called codecs, which is essentially software that runs behind the scenes that involves encoding or decoding a digital data stream. Essentially, you are going to run into problems with many common file formats you're going to run into. An example of this would be videos shot on an iPhone. A lot of people own iPhones, and this can quickly become a very aggravating inconvenience. 

Aside from compatibility, Windows Media Player also lacks heavily in features. Why settle for less when you can get more features for free?

Why VLC Media Player Is King

VLC Media Player is by far the best media playing software out there in my professional opinion. It's free, light-weight, and works great on almost any system. It also supports 99% of file formats and codecs, and has more features than you will most likely ever use. Additionally, VLC Media Player is cross-platform so you can install and run it regardless of whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can download VLC Media Player for free directly from VideoLAN's website by clicking here.

At the end of the day, if for whatever reason you don't end up liking VLC Media Player you can always uninstall it from your system. I'm a big fan of free software provided the program in question is legitimate and serves a valid purpose for using it on my system.