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Why You Should Never Buy An Apple/Mac Product

Why I Wrote This Article

Throughout the many years I have run this business one thing has repeatedly disturbed me: companies ripping customers off and charging them way more money for a product or service then it is actually worth. In this post I am going to discuss why you should never purchase an Apple product.

I simply want to avoid my customers from getting ripped off and spending 3 times+ as much money on products that just aren't worth it - no matter how you try to logically rationalize or argue that it is.

Don't be an iSheep! Think sheeple, think! Don't be a sheep...actually do the research and become an educated consumer. Please, I beg of you!

Myth Debunked: Apple Products Cannot Get Viruses Or Infected

One of the biggest lies people in the technology world still believe today is that Apple products do not get viruses, or that they are harder to infect than other devices.

This is 100% not true. Obviously there is a reason Apple is selling antivirus software in their stores. Nowadays hackers can create malicious threats for anything. Whether you are running Windows, Mac, or Linux - you can still get infected just as easily! Even smartphones have antivirus apps for download on Google Play and the Apple Store. 


As you can see over 122 million results show up in Google search alone for "Mac is infected with virus." Imagine how many people didn't post or talk about it online and what this number actually is!

It's All The Same Hardware

Unlike with cars, when you purchase a computer the components still come from the same factories. What do I mean by this? Well...let me use an analogy. Car manufactures like Ford for example make the engine for their cars in their own factories. Unlike with the automobile industry, all computer components come from the same place. 

It doesn't matter if you have a Toshiba laptop, Dell laptop, Macbook, etc. The Intel processor still comes from the Intel factory. The Western Digital Hard Drive in your computer still was made in the Western Digital factory.

Apple products use the same hardware found in Windows PCs. Apple upcharges on this hardware so you end up spending 3 times the  cost if you bought a PC or more - for the exact same physical hardware!

An example of an Intel Processor/CPU

Compatibility...Good Luck!

The great thing about living in the age of modern technology and the internet of things (IOT) is that there is hundreds upon thousands of free and paid programs/software that you can download and run on your computer to do almost anything imaginable. Unfortunately for you, however, the Mac Operating System is not compatible with 99% of what's out there because most programs are compiled to run on Windows.


"Well, I guess 99% of programs on the internet will be useless to me because I can't open them on my Mac!"

I Can't Use My USB Mouse!?

Just like with Software, it's the same thing with physical accessories. 99% of External Hard Drives, Wireless Mice, Printers, Video Game Controllers, Cables, etc. won't work with your Mac because they are designed to be used with a Windows PC.


"We spent so much time browsing the web together...what do you mean you can't use me anymore?"

Throwing Your Hard Earned Money Away

Like I mentioned in the section above, you are paying 3 times or more the amount for the exact same hardware. You could buy THREE Windows laptops with BETTER performance for the same price! Don't throw your money away...we all work hard for our money.

You wouldn't use your money as toilet why give it all away to a large corporation, who doesn't care about you? Why let them charge you 3 times the amount for the same products?

Oh...You Liked Steve Jobs?

Unfortunately he has passed away many years ago and thus has no control or influence in the corporation that is Apple anymore. That aside, if you watch any documentary about Steve Jobs (ex: Pirates of Silicon Valley, etc.) you will see he wasn't that great of a guy. Based on real accounts from countless people who knew him, from business partners to family to his ex lovers...Steve Jobs was a living nightmare.

He was abusive to his employees, never donated a dime to charity, and didn't care at all about his living, breathing daughter. He wasn't there for her, he didn't care. Does that sound like someone you should be idiolizing? On the other side of the equation, Bill Gates has donated MILLIONS of dollars to help people in poverty, research and cure diseases that threaten humanity itself, and many other great things as well.

Having Your Grandchildren Over...? Too Bad, They Won't Be Able To Play Their Video Games!

Unfortunately, Apple PCs are notorious for being bad at gaming. Most Apple computers ship with integrated graphics, meaning any game your grandkids want to play will most likely be laggy and unplayable. Not to mention as stated previously, 99% of the games out there won't even be compatible with your Mac to begin with. Oh well...yet another way in that your Mac is absolutely useless to you.

"But grandma...sniff...sob...I just wanted to play my game..." We all know how heartbreaking it can be when a child cries because he or her is disappointed and sad.

Apple Is Greedy & Corrupt

Apple is removing standard ports and connectivity from their devices. Want to use your headphones you just purchased with your new iPhone? Good luck...Apple removed the earphone jack so you'd pay them even more money for an adapter! (Although they hope you buy their earphones so they can make EVEN MORE off of you!)


"I can make even more money off of them while simultaneously forcing them to buy even MORE of our overpriced and almost non functional products!? SIGN ME UP!"

"But Creative People Use Mac"

That is also an urban myth. Photoshop, Adobe Tools, etc. all have Windows counterparts: with more functionality and speed! Having dedicated graphics instead of integrated graphics is a huge advantage that you can only have by using a Windows PC. Tasks like video editing and 3D modeling are much better on a PC because you get better performance.

The Verdict

By the end of this list, there is NO logical reason for you to buy an Apple product, period. You are only going to spend more money than you should, and deal with the same product overall in terms of performance. In terms of functionality and everything else, you are purchasing something subpar. 

If you still buy an Apple product after reading this post, you deserve to lose that money anyways because you do not do your research and your part as a smart, educated consumer in 2018 and the years to come.